A New Day

Strangely enough, although it is still on my mind, I don’t feel like writing a blog entitled “A Sad Day Part Two”! Who would? Sounds really sad.

So I will just talk about my sweet little girls and maybe later will talk about what I was going to write.

What is going on with these little chicas?

Well…Selah is seven years old and just a couple months away from finishing up the 2nd grade curriculum in homeschool. She loves homeschool, homeschool friends, field trips, sleeping late, and being home with me…but at the same time, she oftens says she misses school. I understand. She’s certainly an extrovert and likes to get dressed in cute outfits every day and see friends. We are open to whatever we need to do, and praying for what is best for her. I love being with her. That’s my number one reason for homeschooling. 🙂 The 2nd reason is that she is getting to learn at her own pace, and that’s a great situation. She pretty much knows her multiplication tables, reads several books a day on the 6th grade level, does Science games and experiments online by herself. If she went back to school, I fear she may be a bit bored and certainly wouldn’t have the chance to hang behind or fly ahead.

And Yemi. Oh, sweet Yemi. She is a hurricane. A handful. A sweet, sweet mess. She’s four years old and she is going to preschool 3 days a week. It’s her favorite thing ever! She just loves life, and she loves making people laugh. I was reminded this week that I MUST write down the funny things the girls are saying because I will forget them. Gotta get out that journal that I haven’t written in since Disney! Yemi never stops singing, humming, or talking, and she’s usually in her own little world. Therefore when a task is assigned, it takes some work to get her attention and get her on track! We say FOCUS a lot. Sometimes I’m just about to discipline her and I see this look on her face that says, “Momma, my brain. Have mercy on my brain.” I don’t think she has a defiant bone in her body, she’s just in left field most of the time and doesn’t remember to do what she’s told. (BLESS HER HEART!) My favorite thing right now that she does is call the dog. She pats her knee and says, “Come here boy”-never “Teddy”, always “Boy”- and when he comes in full force she giggles and squeals and gets in trouble for having him chase her down the hallway. The first thing she said to him when she met him last month was, “We don’t lick people! No licking people, boy!”

I don’t like how busy I’ve been the past couple days. When Yemi came to “help” me get groceries today, she said, “Is this Yemi and Mommy time?”  I said, “Yes, I guess you could call it that.” She said, “So you’re not going to be busy, you’re just going to be with me?” OUCH, that smarts. I get it. I get the message. Not sure exactly what to do about it, but message received…and thank you!

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