Election Day

I feel like I have personally turned a corner in regard to disagreeing with people about certain morals, views, standards, candidates, etc. There have been the “ugly words” people, that quite frankly anybody with any sense doesn’t listen to or take seriously. There have been the “sweet but meaningless words” people, whose efforts to keep the peace by having no convictions whatsoever leave me feeling a little confused. There are people who are genuinely good at hearing opposing sides and not feeling upset about it, who are respectful and can have a good old debate and then laugh about a new topic together five minutes later. Then there was me…and many others like me…that have to remind themselves to breathe during conflict.

I am so passionate about certain things, and I’ve never been good at understanding differences of opinion on some of the more serious issues…

Anyway, all that to say, through digging in (instead of running away) and reading, praying, and talking with people who hold differing views on things from the time of the “Chick-fil-A incident” to now, I have changed. My stomach still kinda plunges, but I feel like I can respect people who feel and believe differently than me. I always would have loved those people, meaning I wouldn’t treat them differently or talk about them badly, but I may have wanted some distance.  But now I feel like it’s important to realize the lives people have lived up to this moment in time and what makes their perspective their perspective. I think there’s room for all of us, and God will be the judge. I still think it’s extremely important to say out loud where I stand, at appropriate times, but I don’t think it’s extremely important for me to proclaim myself as “right”.

Here’s some lyrics from one of my newer songs:

“I’m painting a picture of who we are
a stroke of acceptance the hardest part
’cause I don’t want love to become a lost art on me…

We’re watching the Master create
He’s digging His hands in the hardest of clay
and I’ve been set free to be me
and I offer this grace to you…

’cause I’ve seen the beauty of love
my longest list of all I should fix wiped off
this thing called love doesn’t work how i thought
but still its enough
I’m learning to love…”

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