Day 9, My Last Full Day of Detox

Okay! So, this has been a good week and a good experiment. My 10 day detox will end tomorrow, because of the birthday dinner tomorrow that there is no way I’m gonna miss! Here’s what I have gotten out of it:

*By God’s grace, I have discovered many of my allergic reactions were caused by one of my supplements, Vitamin B.  Bummer…but I’m excited and hope that this was the only culprit. (Other than roast beef, but that’s a different story!)
*I didn’t do this for weight loss, but I did lose 10 lbs. However, add this to the list of things learned: You may see the scale go down on diets like this, but there is no change in the parts of my body that needed shrinking.
*My stomach has shrunk, and that’s perfect for going right back in to my Body for Life plan that I used to do–I needed to get back to that structure of 4 or 5 mini-meals, each consisting of a palm size portion of a protein and a complex carb, which can be fruits, veggies, brown rice, whatever.
*I feel certain that I really need that protein. Doesn’t have to be animal protein, but protein none the less. The weight loss is probably muscle loss, sad to say.
*My plate will be 50-75% fresh fruit and veggies…and the other stuff, I will be pretty excited about eating since I haven’t had it in over a week.

It’s been a good reboot. I’m glad I did it, and now it’s time for moderation. Moderation is actually harder, more complicated, more time and thought consuming, but obviously worth it. It is good when you learn to stick to something and be in control and not be ruled by your feelings or cravings. We can show our bodies who is in charge and eat what we think is wise…we can, even if we don’t feel like it. 🙂 I really appreciate my husband and my friend Sarah for their support and encouragement these 10 days!!!

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