Day 6 Already

Is that right, is it Day 6? Yeah, i think so. This week has been crazy. Multi-tasking every minute. But the busyness has probably made the fruits and veggies only fast much easier. I really expected suffering, I truly did expect a difference in sleep, energy, whatever. But instead, my only complaint is that I have to use the restroom 4 or 5 times in the middle of the night now! TMI? 🙂

This has been good and I could be enjoying it even more if I wasn’t too stubborn and cheap, um, frugal, to go buy more and different stuff at the grocery. I will say adding red onions and a sprinkle of all natural salad spices to my salads has been the highlight the past 2 days! Oh, and yes, I most certainly am using salad dressing. I decided when I started this that I would, otherwise, I really could not do it, and the point is to do it…and I say “whatever” to those legalistic details!

I’m breaking the fast on Sunday afternoon because of a big birthday dinner for Jack, Selah, and Jackson. I can definitely see myself eating a lot more f&V only meals in the future, because it really was simple, made my grocery list fun and easy. Plus, when you’re eating f&v only, you can go back to just knowing you’re eating healthy and stop the whole insane thing of counting carbs, calories, and fat grams for every bite you put in your mouth. 🙂 I am looking forward to tortilla chips (organic blue corn of course!) and cheddar cheese…Funny, but those are the two things I’d like to have.

Gotta get to sleep. Even as important as nutrition is, I am a total mess without lots of that. Good night!

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