Our Family Vacation

I thought I’d put a few pictures on my blog–it’s been forever since I’ve done that! We got home from a family trip to Florida last night; it was so much fun and we made a lot of memories together. 🙂

 EEYORE!! They all pretended to be all sad and disappointed like Eeyore, but that is pretty hard to do at Disney!

 CINDERELLA!! As I’ve said before, I’m not “into” Disney or the princesses, and I don’t even let the kids watch most of the movies, but Cinderella is a winner through and through.

 BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!! Dad and I scored like crazy on this ride…never mind that the ride got stuck right in front of a target for 10 minutes…

 Jack and Selah rode Splash Mountain together, after much drama…and it was worth it. Her favorite ride!

 Chef Mickey’s was an awesome breakfast buffet and the kids got to spend lots of time with Mickey, Minnie, Donald (not Daffy, JACK!), Pluto, and Goofy. Very fun, and very yummy.

 I do wonder if the characters get tired of 1,000 lips heading their way every day!

 At the airport–the kids first airplane ride that they can actually remember!

 Jack and I got to have a date–an awesome meal outside during sunset and a walk on the beach…Ah…

 One of my favorite moments: Yemi meeting Tiana and asking her to dance. They danced and talked for a long time! And Tiana told Yemi she could come back someday and work in her restaurant. Yemi told everyone she met from then on out that she’d be coming back to work in Tiana’s restaurant!

The whole trip was thanks to my wonderful, fun, and generous Mom and Dad. And we all would add to that a huge thanks to the LORD!

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