A Little Fenelon

I have been meaning to share some quotes from books I’ve been reading lately. It’s a shame for me to not blog simply because I have nothing original to say. When have I ever had anything original to say anyway? This book, 100 Days in the Secret Place, has been by my side along with my Bible and a couple other books for about five years now. It is incredible. It keeps speaking to me of a deeper walk with the Lord, a stiller mind, and a more crucified self-love. This is so good!

This is from Fenelon, who was a French Archbishop in the Catholic Church and writer in 1715, which doesn’t mean anything in particular to me except that his faith was very real and Biblical, and it’s exciting to see how centuries don’t change a single thing about faith and relationship with God…
“Make a habit of bringing your attention back to God on a regular basis. You will then be able to quiet all your inner commotion as soon as it starts to be churned up. Cut yourself off from every pleasure that does not come from God. Seek God within, and you will undoubtedly find Him with peace and joy. Be more occupied with God than anything else. Do everything with the awareness that you are acting before God and for His sake. At the sight of God’s majesty, calmness and well-being should fill your spirit. A word from the Lord stilled the raging sea and a glance from Him to you, and from you to Him, will do the same for you.”
Each sentence of this paragraph stabs me, in a good way. Today especially I am thinking of “Do everything with the awareness that you are acting before God and for His sake.” Disciplining the kids, disciplining myself, my thoughts, words, actions, reactions…He is my audience, He is the recipient, am I doing these things unto Him and in a way that would glorify Him? Baby steps. No condemnation. But I see what a powerful and good question that is. It is a focus and direction I have asked for. I’m so indebted to Grace in this journey to know Him and align my life with His way!

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