Been A While

Wonder how many blogs I have titled that…

So, wow. I have had a crazy month, and I don’t do crazy. It just doesn’t work for me. But I have to say the Lord has held me up! In the past, crazy months leave me really messed up physically, spiritually, emotionally. It definitely was different this time, praise the Lord! I feel great and the things I was supposed to focus on even during the craziness remained in view. That feels good. Miraculous…a product of the Living Word…evidence of the Holy Spirit…good.
It was crazy because for two weeks we worked on finishing up the recording. FUN! But early in the morning (for me)…running kids to sitters…trying to come home and homeschool…Jack was starting a new job and a new schedule…Then after those two weeks, our “handyman” was ready to do the list of jobs at our house (basically a complete remodel of the basement) and we had workmen arriving at 8:30 every morning for a good week or so. I had deadlines for my part in the work, like “paint this before we can do this” type stuff. So I painted 5 days straight in my “free time.” Free time. HA!
But when I came downstairs today, which is still chaos and there’s a good week of work still to be done, I remembered what songs I was worshipping and communing with the Lord with in each corner and wall I painted. One day in particular that I painted a full eight hours (I guess I am slow because my house is not that big!), the Lord said, “Since you’re here to worship Me, it doesn’t really matter what your hands are doing…you’re where you’re supposed to be.” That helped me to stop the rush and just be where I was. That little lesson will be useful on other discontent days for sure.
It’s laughable that I can sum this month up into such a small post. There are some really neat things I want to blog about later, but this is the gist. Ultimately, I’m thrilled that these tasks are coming to an end (basement…there’s light at the end…) or have come to an end (the CD is in production and whoever wants one will get to purchase on March 25th)! But it is in those crazy times that (well, perhaps directly afterwards) I re-evaluate priorities, schedules, relationships, etc. and make sure that learning to love, being still and not missing chunks of people’s lives, caring about others needs, being a forerunner and prayer warrior and worshipper, knowing and adoring the Love of my Life, are the bulk of my existence!
I am an overachiever. There are days that cartoons, balancing the checkbook, and eating pizza are the bulk of my existence! But I want a life that is thrown away on the things that matter to God no matter how wasteful it may seem to the world. When things are crazy, yes, things get done. That’s good… when the Lord says “Do.” While I was “doing”, I was getting a chance to practice His presence and we were running together not separately, but it still felt like it was on a bit of a surface level and I can’t take that for too long personally. This girl needs some serious quiet space to process and abide and remember and get my little head straight. 🙂

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