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It is about time to change my blog picture! No more running through the slip and slide…however, I think yesterday it would have been okay, since it was at least 80 degrees! You won’t find me complaining…til January! No, I have every intention to enjoy all the seasons, even if I have the personal opinion that winter takes over too much of the year!

Anyway, just wanted to write about my pursuit of healthiness today. A long time ago, I wanted to do some nutrition info groups at my house and blog more often about the things I had learned, things that got me back into the land of the living! But honestly, January through May 2011, I felt like crud again and didn’t have much passion to share anything with anybody! Then in June, I started feeling so much better, started waking up early and going running 5 mornings a week, and just all kinds of amazing differences. So, I just wanted to briefly share encouragement of how that came to be in case anyone else needs a little hope…
First of all, Jesus. Always it’s going to be: First of all, Jesus. Surrendering my health and future to Him, going through the process of accepting whatever He chose for “my” life which is really His, was a huge part of my journey. Before I got better, I truly had peace that my life was just as valuable and full in bed as it is up and doing all these things, because my LIFE is hidden in Christ and cannot be touched by the things of the physical realm. Amen! Coming to this truth is a long journey that I am still on.
Secondly, I read a book “Tired of Being Tired” by Jesse Lynn Hanley and saw Shelly Roby at Nova Medicine in E-town. I began to live by the knowledge (not perfectly at all, but applying what I could) and taking special pharmaceutical grade supplements that Shelly saw through my blood work that I was depleted of. I did this for a year before I saw improvement, but now I am so glad I persevered! I know now that our food just does not have the nutrients in it that we need, so I eat incredibly well plus take these things. The cost is so much lower than meds I was taking…and I am on NO prescriptions now.
Third, I read (so randomly it seems but it was the hand of God) this tiny paragraph that said, “Sometimes patients who have underwent gall bladder surgery need to be cleansed of the toxins introduced to their bodies under anesthesia. They simply need to do a liver cleanse and take Kyolic garlic supplements in large quantities.” OH MY GOSH. I thought, “How amazing would that be if it worked?” I had that surgery in Africa in 2000. I did what the book said, and that is really when I started to see improvement, in about 4 weeks. I felt so well I literally began running 5k’s. I definitely still need 11 hours of sleep a night or I crash back into all the old symptoms, and I must continue in all the other therapy included in the book “Tired of Being Tired”, but everything is manageable usually if I do what I know.
For anyone tired, not sleeping well, overweight, sick often…read that book! It’s like $4 on Amazon! I have definitely learned how important it is to invest in my health, because I’m not sure how other people are, but I struggle emotionally, socially, spiritually, and mentally if my physical stuff is a wreck. If I haven’t gotten enough sleep, I make poor food choices, I’m more likely to feel depressed, I do not have perspective with my husband and kids, and then I’m an emotional mess. It’s like I can choose to live in a pit and live my life always climbing out of it…OR I can avoid the pit altogether as often as possible. Disciplines like time with God, exercise, and eating healthy don’t always feel like they fit in my “I just wanna be carefree” mood…however, by doing these things, I am much more carefree!
It’s definitely a passion of mine to share these tiny tidbits I have learned with women who are not getting to live up to their potential, so if you are reading this and want to talk about any part of it, I am available!! Just let me know, and we’ll do this together. 🙂

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