Secret Place: The Job of Our Lives

I am just struck tonight by a secret that I don’t want to keep secret. There is a secret place, and those of us who are “in Christ” know this…we know that we could be in a living hell on earth but we have a Life hidden with God in Christ, and that life can ALWAYS be thriving, abundant, lush, full of laughter and pure joy. Our Life makes us strong and shining in our life, if we develop this Life. It’s a secret place, we go there alone; it’s the throne of God, the lap of God, the face of God. Friends can remind us of that place, oh thank the Lord for friends that draw us to remember or find this intimacy with our Father, but we go there alone. We look eye to eye with Him, and by faith, we dwell there. We connect, like when you lay down next to your child or spouse or dog (haha) and just have some face time. And this is where we draw our strength, perspective, focus, and LIFE.

It’s like finding out you won a million bucks, going to sleep, and when you wake up, you remember you won million bucks yesterday! It wasn’t a dream. YAY! That’s how the secret place is. There is relief, there is always good news, there is something beyond all this, and we have it right now. WOW! Life gets so hectic and troublesome, and I mess up so very much, and I’m so tired of myself…and I want some relief. I go to the Lord and lay myself before Him in the secret place, and it’s an oasis for my spirit! I go and I say, “Jesus, I don’t have to feel anything, I come by faith! I want to give myself to YOU, You don’t have to give anything to me!” But He does. He leads us beside still waters, He restores our soul. There really is a hiding place, an oasis…we can wake up from the sometimes bad dream of life and enter into our eternal life, anytime, any place, through intimacy and connection to His Word, praising Him, repentance, surrender, talking, listening, teaching, friends who love Him.
Keeping our life consumed with Jesus is THE job of our lives. I personally don’t have room to get caught up with anything else, if I am going to make knowing Him the job of my life. I do other things, I care about other things, hopefully all that He has told me to do and care about, but those things ARE NOT the job of my life. Those things are just…obedience…they’ll come and go. They’re passing. I wasn’t created for them. I used to think that stuff for God, stuff that was about God and His people, and knowing God personally was the same effort, the same job. Oops! It sure does take a load off when you can obey the Lord without all that burden. The job of my life is to know Him and believe Him, and while that is not heavy, it is all consuming work.
One thing I run to the Lord and hide from is myself. I just want to be so honest here. When I write a blog or talk at a concert or something, I am always honest and I am always 100% myself. But most likely when I am writing or talking or singing, I have just come from having intense and intentional times with the Lord, I am somewhat drunk in the Spirit, and if you see freedom, or confidence, or joy, or truth, you are seeing Jesus. Sometimes I am consistent with this “being intentional” with the Lord, and I am very blessed when He helps me do that. I love those steady times, such ground gets covered, oh it’s just so wonderful and I’m an idiot to not continue in it! But many other times, I’m sitting in a pit, and I’m a fool. A literal, biblical fool. The good news is, despite my example, we ALL have the opportunity offered to us to have the most fantastic relationship with God EVER MADE, if we will go with Him and make it. We can go where “no man has gone before”…if we want.
I wrote a song in the past month and I don’t really like it, but there’s one line I love. It says: “I am ruined for anything less, I am ruined for anything less than the fullness.” Yeah. May we be ruined for anything less. Unable to go back after what we have experienced in Christ. Lose our appetite for the world. Move on past baby milk, move on past old sins. Crave repentance and obedience and God’s delight in us, and not have room for craving other’s attention, approval, and applause. Forget that stuff ever ruled us. Amen.

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