Yemi and the Terrible Threes

Hello world. From inside my house today I have looked out yet not dared to go out. I have been tired and achy since doing a lot of work on Labor Day Weekend (haha–laboring on Labor Day, how funny), and wondering if it’s allergies because I am allergic to both mold and everything useful for killing it (that’s the labor we did–ugh), not to mention the cold and dreary rain globe we’re in…But regardless of what causes my desire to stay in and warm and dry and on the couch, we blew off church tonight to do so.

We have our first enrichment homeschooling thingy in the morning, and I am SO excited! Praying I feel awake and well enough to do it! I believe I will, and I plan to be in bed super early tonight to help that happen. But what I want to vent about tonight is Yemi and her bad case of the terrible threes. I am so completely frustrated. I’m frustrated because it is not just random events or traits that just come out at certain times in certain situations. I’m frustrated because I really don’t know what to do in response anymore. I’m frustrated because I keep swinging from one extreme to the other—I’m either really kind or really not.
Honestly, the biggest problem is that she is immature. She’s three, and I’m not around a lot of three year olds, so it’s probably me more than her. I am simply so tired of her whining, crying, and begging to watch TV; I’m tired of her pooping in her pants and then saying it was an accident and that she’ll never do it again (shut up, it’s not funny!); I’m tired of her simply not caring about things I think she should care about. I wonder if she’s not getting enough attention and if homeschooling Selah is hard on her, and I bet it is, but either way, she is not adjusting and Selah’s been home for 4 months. Sometimes I think she’s just living a blissfully ignorant little toddler life…why would she want to grow up? But most kids DO indeed want to grow up a little bit. They feel pride in themselves when they show self control or do something. Yemi. Does. Not. Care.

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