Birthdays and Stories

Selah’s 6th birthday was on Sunday. As every mom says, I don’t know how my little girl’s already 6 years old! I can’t say time has flown. We’ve had millions of great moments tucked into those 6 years! Hundreds of times that I’ve closed my eyes and hoped that someday I could bring back the same sounds, sights, smells, and feelings of that very moment.

On Sunday, we had a get together with family and afterwards we went to the nursing home to visit Jack’s granddaddy. While we were eating cake, Jack’s grandma told us some great stories! Here’s a couple of my favorites.

*First of all, she gave Selah a 70 year old baby doll–a Sparkle Plenty doll, for those of you who know about the Dick Tracy cartoon. Selah was so thrilled, and said she would “pass it down from generation to generation.” I didn’t even know she knew that word! Grandma said when she was 6 years old, her mother ordered that doll out of a catalog and even though she was not allowed to go to the post office to look for it, one day she could not resist any longer. She walked across the street to the post office and saw the package in their post office box! She was so excited, she ran home to tell her parents it was in. What did she get? A spanking. For going across the street! Understandable, but sad! Then, of course, the Sparkle Plenty doll was hers and she told us on Sunday, “It was worth it.”

*Grandma told us that when Grandaddy was a baby and his mom needed to get some work done, she would dress him in a long dress and then put the end of his dress under the mattress to hold it down. Then he would be stuck and would have to just play within about a foot of the bed. HA! Pack and play, schmack and play!

*Last story…Grandma said that when she was born, a midwife came to her house to deliver her. Her family was poor and couldn’t pay the midwife with money, so they paid her with a bushel of tomatoes. A bushel of tomatoes!! I will never look at a bushel of tomatoes the same again! We’ve come a long way in 74 years…or have we?

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