What I’ve Been Up To

Gee whiz, it really has been a long time since my last blog. Thanks to an iPhone I’ve been borrowing (but not for much longer), I’ve been able to keep up with Facebook and Email…but I just cannot type on that thing for my typically long blogs. So, what has been going on? I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing the past couple of months, but I promise it isn’t anything exciting.

In March, I was pretty much convinced that winter was over and spring was coming in such a nice and concise way…December, January, and February it snowed like crazy just as it should in a picture perfect winter, and then voila, March came with some very nice temperatures and even the lovely allergies started up. I remember specifically thinking, “Wow, that was a nice winter, and it didn’t drag on!” But it was a major “sike”. Today, now at the end of April, I did put away our coats and mittens, so that was exciting! And only 5 weeks left of school. Surely it’ll be warm by then.
Also, in March, for some reason or another, I had a horrible time sleeping, which led to intensified symptoms of my sleep disorder and adrenal fatigue. Not cool. That’s partly why I both did not blog and can’t recall much of what happened the past 8 weeks! I remember Selah having her tonsils out (that’s when the sleep deprivation began!). I remember Spring Break, and our simple little Staycation which included the Zoo, Snappy Tomato, the Movies, Krispy Kreme, and lots of fun play days. Also, sometime around Spring Break I was bitten by the “Homeschooling Excitement Bug” and have been praying and researching that idea ever since. I am out of my mind, but I’ve also been bit by the “want to adopt another little girl” bug, but I doubt that one is going to work out quite as well.
Unfortunately, last week we had a little…issue. Yemi stuck a little fabric rose up her cute little nose, and it took 3 days and 3 doctors to get it out. The saga ended with, no kidding, the whole staff at Wolf and Yun singing “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” to Yemi to keep her calm during the procedure. I truly hope this child has learned her lesson! I hope this phase with her ends soon, I have to say. She is so unpredictable and mischievious. Funny, but a little scary, too. I have decided that for the next month we are keeping to a really calm and regular schedule, no weekends with grandmas or special things. Sometimes we love giving our kids special surprises a little too much…I see them getting a little grabby and I don’t like it. So, I started a sticker chart to help reinforce good behavior and it is making a big difference already.
Jack will start a new job in about a week. I hope it will be a good fit. We are loving Open House, our church that was planted by the Bridge Community. We meet on Saturday nights and it is extremely laid back, both very important for me and my fam. Even though I’m not doing much with music right now, it’s a comfortable enough setting that I love leading worship there sometimes. I hadn’t done that in YEARS. I love how deep the discussions go, too; no fluff here. Definitely let me know if you’d like to check it out.
Well, sorry I didn’t have anything very deep to write about. I actually DO, my heart is so full of all God is teaching and how He is moving in me and my home!!! Good Friday was very meaningful (the storms and darkness only added to my thoughts all day), today’s home worship time was amazing, and tomorrow…my favorite day of the year…I pray for more depth of understanding how Jesus’ resurrection should absolutely breathe new life, joy, and hope into every moment of my day, every day.

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