Some Girls

“She thinks she is never enough.

Even if she looked at her accomplishments, relationships, experiences, the love she has given and received, things she has created, thoughts and songs and lessons she has put out into the world, and the places she has lived and learned…she would still feel it is not enough.
What would it take for her to feel like a “real” anything? A real writer, a real missionary, a real musician, a real you fill in the blank.
I know the secret.
How can she be the most thriving and alive woman she can be? How can she live life in this confusing world to the fullest?
She should not look for herself or look at herself or try to get others to look either. What matters about her is one thing. One identity alone defines and illuminates her for all time. Other identities are a shadow in comparison, only one is vital…
She is accepted in the Beloved. She is known, deeply, by the Lord. She is on a journey down that aisle to the One who loved her even unto death, Jesus. She can go as deep and as far into this relationship as she dares to go, but she cannot have two masters. She cannot serve the world and all it wants her to be if she is going to pursue Him. She can’t care about both, not in her heart of hearts which reflects in her daily life, thoughts, desires, and actions.
She thinks she is never enough, but she chose to not be. She glories in the choice she made, to let go of the pursuits that promised to satisfy her hunger. It is simple and it is not applauded, but she will be ready on that Day.”

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