So, today I was thinking, “What the heck can I say about winter today? It is cold and I am tired and wah, wah, wah!” I told my mother-in-law/mentor/great friend that there had better be at least 90 good things about winter because that’s how many days I committed to write about it. 🙂

A few good things about this frosty season came to mind, things I’ll write about in the next few days maybe, but the best part of my day was when I walked into my friend’s home for prayer group tonight. It had been a rough day for me. I just woke up exhausted, a very familiar feeling and of course one that I dread. I immediately started standing my ground against the enemy, got up, made a healthy breakfast, took my vitamins and supplements, but about 1 hour later ended up next to Yemi watching Sesame Street. When I mustered up the strength to go get dressed, Yemi (who is just now talking, so every syllable is precious) says, “Mommy, get back in bed!” I was like, “Okay!!”
By God’s grace, we made it to the grocery, and I felt Him answer my prayers of “Lord, help me enjoy this.” He is only waiting to be asked!! I have learned this lesson!! I am dependent. I can’t care about anything unless He puts that care in me. Sad, but I’m done being depressed about my condition. I’m hopeless…and where I end, He begins. Really. It’s TRUE! So, I came home actually excited about the new things I had bought, stuff I hadn’t had in a while, like blue corn chips and Newman’s Own salsa with flaxseeds added.
But Jack come home and Selah came home, and all of a sudden I started to feel stressed and like I wanted to just escape. The kids were loud, and things were chaotic, and I didn’t feel good enough to get up and gain control over the rest of the schedule for the day. While I made dinner, I ate about 25 Hershey kisses. Not that that totally negates the fact that I lifted weights and ate so beautifully all day besides the kisses, but you know, that’s a bummer. Those moments when I “don’t care” are the reason why I am working so hard and not losing weight. That 10% of the time is practically canceling out the 90%.
I decided to go to worship at EHOP, and if you hadn’t heard about that yet, oh I would love to tell you. Will blog about it sometime. Best secret in town!! Then, I walked into my friend’s home for prayer group. It’s just 3 of us right now, but we know how to pray for each other, and it’s a great time to unwind and be known. The fireplace was lit and glowing (see, something you don’t get in the summer!); the family room was welcoming and warm. Sweet smiles and coming to the Lord together, sharing a lot of the same needs when you get right down to it, was a little oasis. God does want us to have an escape, an oasis…but He is a jealous God, and isn’t wanting to share His beloved with other “lovers”. He wants us to come and rest in Him, and with our siblings in Christ. When I make chocolate or movies or whatever my rest and relaxation, I think it’s like I’m putting off for another day the true rejuvenation I actually am being offered today by the Lord.
Now, chocolate and movies are a superb gift from God, don’t get me wrong. But I am stumbling upon something in my spirit when I see that God has something greater for me to escape to…

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