Saturday Shopping

One fun thing about winter is…dare I say it…the chance to take back something you got for Christmas that you didn’t really need. 🙂 Merchandise credit, baby! And the chance to use Christmas money if you were lucky enough to get some.

Sorry to have such a superficial blog today, but it is wonderfully out of the ordinary for me to actually take pleasure in buying something, and today I got to! I have saved Christmas and birthday money for 2 years, and I was able to purchase a keyboard, stand, and pedal today in Louisville at Willis Music Store! Yippee! It took me a very long time, years even, to decide whether or not I “needed” a keyboard. I don’t know if I needed it or not. I don’t know if I will do more concerts because I have it or not. I don’t know if I’ll write more songs because of it or not. But I have prayed about it a long time, and I feel like God wants me to have it. Being ultra-conscious about the issue of Stuff, it’s neat to think there are some things and some experiences that may not be a total necessity but still from Him. Neat. Thanks, God (and Mom & Dad, Jack, Leigh & Jon…)!

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