Reason However Many to Enjoy Winter: ‘Cause Right Now Is All We’ve Got

Today was so fun! When I woke up, I wondered if it was a “snow day”…which never meant anything to me before until this winter, with Selah being in her first year of school now. (My dear husband gets up with Selah, and Yemi and I sleep until 9. I know, I know. Charmed life.) But anyway, we started out the day with breakfast, then playing, then we watched Sesame Street (my fave), and then Toy Story 3. Selah got it for Christmas, but I hadn’t watched it yet. Tear, tear!! Then we had lunch, took “naps” (ha ha), did schoolwork, and dressed up like princesses (not me, and sorry there’s no pictures of this! I have some great ones but they are still on the camera. Fail.) Then dinner, games, and “Potty Time with Elmo”. A little too much TV today, but…yeah. No excuses. This is why I’m not homeschooling.

Of course that movie played a part in me being a little nostalgic the rest of the day, and thinking about how fleeting my moments with my girls are. Our little life, our little family, our little home. Their little shoes, their little clothes, their little faces. I just adore it, I really do. I am so glad I got over my problem of wishing away time; I struggled with that I had as a teenager. (Honestly, I think I was bored for the first 2 decades of my life!) So, I sit and breathe these times in every day, because pictures are helpful, videos are great, but you know what I really and truly have? Nothing but right now. Absolutely nothing. I can try to contain it all I want, hold onto it in every way I can imagine, but the facts are the facts. Right now is all we have.
So whether it’s winter or not, I enjoyed this day to the fullest. Fully alive. The glory of God is man fully alive, so it was a worshipful day. Thank You, Lord, for the gift of right now.

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