New Year’s Eve & My Husband, Jack

I have always LOVED New Year’s Eve! It is one of my favorite holidays. Even though I’m not usually doing anything spectacular on this day, it is momentous anyway. Today, Jack and I are working our little fingers to the bone laying flooring in our home…a dream come true, really! I never expected to get new floors, and now, after ten years, there is not one speck of icky carpet left in my house! Hallelujah! My favorite thing about New Year’s Eve, actually, is to get alone and turn my face toward Jesus. When I was a teenager, post 1991 when my relationship with Him became “real”, I would go to New Year’s Eve parties but right before the ball dropped, I would find a little closet or something, and just be with Jesus, just adore Him. Tonight I am overwhelmed with adoration for the Lord, for who He has shown Himself to be in my life and for all the mysteries He still is. I love this Man. And there’s another man I truly love as well.

The name “Jack”, being a derivative of John, means “God’s gracious gift.” Jack is God’s gracious gift to me. We are polar opposites, but best friends forever. This year, I am happy to say I have grown in the art of marriage. What God wanted to show me about acceptance, unconditional love, forgiveness, and respect were actually not only things I needed to learn for my marriage to be better or even for Jack to be happier, but these were characteristics I needed to grasp internally to move on in my journey with the Lord. The changes that have been made in my attitude, feelings, expectations, and actions toward Jack are still under construction, but it is exciting to be at peace and not need anyone to change but myself.
I am truly thankful for Jack and all his hard work. He works more than 40 hours a week at his “day job”, then spends his “free time” with me and the girls. He barely has time to eat 3 meals a day, and doesn’t really have a moment to himself until I go to bed at 10. It makes me sad when people criticize him for not answering his phone or getting together with them; I wish they understood his life right now. I hope that this year he feels bound to the Lord in a fresh new way, and that the desires of his heart would come to pass, every last one of them.
It’s going to be a wonderful new year, this 2011! God is moving in our hearts; He is humbling His people and turning us to Him above all things, above all loves, above all service, above all goals. I have no resolutions this year; I sense nothing except a year of drawing nearer to the Lord and finding more in my heart, mind, soul, and strength to give up to make room for Him. (Oh, for this to truly happen! I am so unable on my own!) I’ll end this post with the chorus of a song I finally finished last night (started in 2008!)
“After all this time, after all this journey
after all I’ve tried to be
You’ve simplified, cleared my mind of all I could pursue
so I could just want You.”

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