Favorite Christmas Moments 2010

In no particular order, these are some of my fave moments so far!
*Singing a nice ringing chorus of “Auld Lang Syne” with some of my favorite people at our Annual House Concert at the Casteels
*Walking outside on Christmas Eve and discovering an inch of snow; watching Selah in her red dress and coat slowly dance along the sidewalk with her eyes closed and face upturned
*Having my parents come for brunch; I felt like a grown up. 🙂
*Accompanying my cousin, Adam, as he sang “O Holy Night”; hearing him sing “Mary, Did You Know?”, and listening to those words again for the first time
*Discovering the sugary goodness of praline pecans; making them for the first time, carrying on the wonderful recipe of my cousin Kathy (who passed away in 2009)
*Hearing Yemi pray for me in the car, because I was sick; “God, help Mommy…-insert an unintelligible sentence or two-…Amen.”
*Realizing Selah is old enough to play board games; remembering how much i LOVE games and looking forward to many game nights in the future!!!
*Singing “Count Your Blessings” with Selah…everywhere we have been this week, we have performed. She was a precious little messenger of song. And I can’t forget Yemi’s performances as well…precious in a different way!
*Watching old videos, Christmas movies, and Christmas cartoons (remember Claymation Christmas?)
*Sitting on my bed in quiet time with the Lord, looking back on the journey of this year, and thanking Him for coming and rescuing me…again and again.
*Dancing with Jack, Selah, and Yemi in our living room to “It Really Is (A Wonderful Life)”; knowing time is passing, but we have today, and it is beautiful, and it is enough.

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