A Day Off

Wow! Jack gave me a great early Christmas present, and just what I needed: A day off. A glorious, quiet, day alone. I love to steep in stillness.

While I did some laundry and groceries and work around the house, I got to do it alone. And just like I would do when I had free time as a little girl, I rearranged and cleaned my bedroom. It is a good thing I have finally embraced and accepted myself as the introvert that I am, or I would be quite frustrated at this reality!
Anyway, in my time alone, my brain got a chance to breathe, and while these are by no means 2011 New Years Resolutions, they are ideas that I am laying at the Lord’s feet…They are in me for a purpose, and I don’t need them to happen to be happy and fulfilled, but as I said, they are in me for a purpose. So, here’s a brief list–some small, some big, none random really.
1. Make a 4th CD. There are some new people I want to work with this time around, and some new people I want to ask to sing duets with me. I’m really excited to finally get the songs I have written over the past four years on CD; to tell these stories through music is so much fun. The CD will be called Songs for My Family: Near and Far, and they are all written to or about people I consider family, from those living under the same roof with me to the least of these worldwide.
2. Start The Lydia Bridge. I have this idea to partner with small international ministries who help women in underdeveloped countries earn an income by making crafts, like jewelry, quilts, and handbags. My hope is to truly form partnerships between women in the U.S. who purchase their workmanship and the women themselves around the world. The main way I want to do this is to become a business “middle-woman” if you will, between customers and those making the crafts, so that these micro-enterprises can continue to benefit those in need and so that women here can buy meaningful gifts for themselves and each other, all the while forming prayer bonds and friendship with the artists. Three main ways to follow this through are: Parties at host houses (like Thirty One or Pampered Chef), setting up at craft fairs, and setting up at my (or others) concerts.
3. Go back for my Masters Degree in Professional Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy at WKU.
4. Paint some furniture in my house. Get a storm door. Get a headboard for Selah’s bed. Finish decorating the basement.
It’s been a fun day. Off to exercise and watch Sydney Bristow kick some booty!

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  1. Jack said this was a funny post because I had 3 huge life decision serious things and then #4 was paint some furniture. 🙂 Oh well, I am a dork. Who knows if any of those things will ever happen anyway, and especially #4.

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