Computer Crash

Well, I was just telling someone this week how hard it would be for me to live without my computer. I didn’t even have a laptop until maybe a year ago, when Jack was given a new Mac for work and his laptop passed down to me. Oh, my gosh, there is so much more I could have done with it, but I was totally rocking the iPhoto, iTunes, and internet. GarageBand was also fun at times, but I never did anything really worthwhile on it. I have my website, not that it’s anything great, but people do go to find lyrics and chords of my songs on there. Everyone communicates by Facebook and email now, even my own mother who is still on Lately I was burning some great worship CDs for friends and blogging more, here and at Megan’s website (…so I’m sad!

Anyway, I think my computer is dead. It’s something I want to be mature about, like see how God wants to use this…maybe I was using it too much, or maybe it was a distraction. I am certain if the Lord wants me to have a computer, I’ll have a computer. Bam. But I’m still sad. I feel like Facebook and blogging really keep me from being isolated, plus I am a major “verbal” processor and I have to work through things by writing, I just have to. I still journal, but the blog makes me feel like I am learning things that maybe are affecting others, too. But mostly it’s just fun, and I need that!
Oh, well. Enough. At least Jack has a computer I can sometimes steal away. Maybe this will make my blogs a little more purposeful.
Tonight was our first Christmas gathering; Jack’s side of the family. It was really fun. Grandma gave me some used house shoes and a dreamcatcher. Yes, I’m serious. I am pretty sure it was a gag gift…I mean, obviously it was a gag gift, but the question is whether it was MEANT to be a gag gift! The kids got some beautiful dresses, jammies, and baby dolls. That’s all they need…yet there are about 5 more “Christmases” to go. It’s such a fun 2 weeks, but I really have to pace myself…meaning get in bed every chance I have, keep exercising, taking my supplements, and doing the other stuff on my list. This time last year was so hard; I praise Him for the path He has taken me on this year, and I praise Him that out of His great mercy I feel better than I thought I would.

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