Wow, I heard a great word today from IHOP Kansas City. It’s “old” but new to me! A girl, I think her name was Julie Meyer, had a dream where God was speaking to her about several things. I need to listen to it again to really describe it, but I wanted to share this one thought.

She said something like: “Whatever you tripped over yesterday, you are going to tread upon today!” Have you ever just had a hallelujah or an amen or a YES just rise out of your gut and come out your throat without a chance to think it through? This has been happening to me more often recently. In the kitchen, when I heard this word, I jumped up and down, screaming YES!! AMEN!!! Victory. Yemi loved it. She likes to yell, “Jesus!” whenever she hears worship.
I wrote a song one time called “When A Flame is Fine”, and its about how we/Christians/myself are pretty inhibited and perhaps even slightly dull to the sheer joy and dare I say emotion that the cross deserves! When you’ve been rescued, when you understand you’ve been rescued, I mean, really, is the proper response the type of things we tend to see in church on Sunday mornings?? Cold and quiet, hands in pockets?? I digress at this point…but I want to declare that yes, there are still many places where I cannot be totally myself and let those cries from my gut come out, but my home and where I worship on Sunday mornings are FREE spaces. It’s good to not have to hold it inside anymore. FREEDOM!

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