What The?

So, I woke up today at 11:59, and while I know there are much worse things to wake up to, I woke to a complete and utter mess. Obviously, from the 14 hour night of sleep the night before, I’m not feeling so good, so I guess the past few days blurred by and I didn’t notice the mess accumulating. Jack has been working non-stop on the girls’ bedroom floors (bless him!!), so I’ve had to keep the girls downstairs playing and watching movies for days. It had all kinds of potential to be fun, and sometimes it was, but laying around watching movies with your hubby or by yourself and laying around watching movies with a whiney, snotty nosed 2 year old who only wants to watch Elmo or Dora is a different thing altogether.

So, anyway, every room in my house is disgusting. I actually dreamt last night about dust and cobwebs, so my subconscious was trying to prepare me! Most of the girls’ belongings are in the middle of the kitchen, there’s all kinds of crud under the table, 2 full loads of dishes and laundry to be done, receipts and paperwork I can’t seem to get to (both physically and mentally!) and yet if I don’t, who knows what may happen to the checking account? There is a stack of stuff Selah’s teacher wants me to fill out or do or buy, due by 4 different dates in December, the basement is covered in toys from this morning when Jack was trying to keep the kids occupied (and halfway quiet for me, again, bless him!), and when I looked in the mirror I realized my distant relatives from both sides of the family had been forced to behold my completely overgrown eyebrows. Plus, no matter how hard I work at it, the scale continues to mock my efforts. I am SO staying in my pajamas today.
I feel better after sharing my ridiculous complaints; I really do. I need to go outside a little, and breathe in some fresh air before I attack this mess. December is going to be wonderful: more new flooring which is a dream come true, Christmas parties, Selah being off school again, making yummy things to share with friends and family. And January through March? Well, survival will require some spiritual warfare…and blogging. I’ve decided to blog Jan-Mar (almost) everyday, each day bringing up a new way to survive the worst winter has to throw at us! I am no longer a winter-hater, I just know I need some extra support during those darker, shorter, colder days. Thanks for stopping in, friends. Love you and hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving! (Kind of ironic, my Thanksgiving post was the opposite. I’ll try to make up for that later!)

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  1. so glad to be getting into this blog thing~

    i can so relate Lyndsay!! i get in the zone & ever so often look up and realize .. i need to clean! ha! hope the pj-day ended great!!

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