Don’t Neglect Redirection!

I am almost finished being shocked by my constant need for redirection.

For goodness sake, I am like a kid you have to tell every five minutes what they’re supposed to be doing (or not doing). I forget what good news I just heard, I forget what clear word I received, and I’m just clueless…every morning. I’m lost and depressed…every morning. So it is a real joy that I am almost finished being shocked by my constant need for redirection, because now that I realize it and embrace this weak and sad reality about me, I can forgive myself and move on! God is showing me how important it is to receive redirection outside of myself. I never used to be the type to depend on books, teachings/podcasts, Bible Study workbooks, or praise music CDs to receive the guidance and truth that I needed from God. But now, I am taking in all I can get!
It makes sense to me to say that if we’re in church, or in a Bible Study, or reading a book (all in efforts to grow spiritually) and those experiences do not redirect our eyes and hearts and lives to Jesus and how much He loves us, they are a waste of time. Our devotion and love for Him throughout the week will only be a response to the devotion and love we learn that He has for us first! We must be transformed daily by the renewing of our minds (Heb. 12) and His mercies are new every morning (Lam. 3:22). We do forget…and we are surprised that we feel angry or sad or confused. We need to do whatever it takes to be redirected to His love, His forgiveness, and His Word all day long, for no reason other than we need it. I think of Daniel and how he remained strong by seeking the Lord three times a day. Did he do this because the law required it? I don’t think so! Maybe he did it because he knew of his constant need for redirection.
Not because we have to, not because anyone is watching, not for any reason other than we want more of Him and less of us, let’s make altars in our daily schedules…moments where we escape the world and run into His arms, and be redirected into His love. Maybe it’s a CD ready in the CD player to move your heart to Him while you clean up breakfast, then the Bible open on the lunch table where you can meditate on just one scripture, or during the kids’ naps come to Him first before you move on to other tasks. As a mom, I feel like my time with God is so different than it used to be and it’s been really hard to focus on Him even when I do find the time to spend with Him, but there are ways to work that out and we must continue to do so. These resources (CDs, books, teachings online) that I’ve mentioned are some of the things helping me to come out of the world and into His sanctuary throughout the day.
Lastly, it has been good to be out of so called “leadership” for the past couple of years, because I have learned a valuable truth about it. Christian leaders have 2 jobs: stay intimately and personally growing with Jesus as their #1 priority in life, and secondly, redirect people’s eyes, ears, and hearts to Jesus Christ. Leaders don’t need to seek to change anyone or tell anyone what to do or even what to believe, they just need to redirect people to Him and He will take care of the rest. When we are constantly being redirected back to the Lord and His peace, we will become redirectors ourselves.

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