Potty at the Party

Selah just finished telling me the whole story about last night.

We went to a bonfire at our good friends’ house, and we were all in the backyard having fun when Selah said she needed to go potty. So, I sent her in the house and kept an eye out for her as she walked the path (lit by hand carved jack-o-lanterns!) and went inside. I kept watching for her to come out, and finally about 10 minutes later, I told Jack we probably out to go get her and go ahead and be on our way home as well.
We joked as we walked that she was probably in there eating candy…
But, sadly, she was sitting on the toilet with no toilet paper! Tonight as I was putting her to bed, she told me, “I was sitting there yelling ‘Mommy! Mommy!’ and my booty was stinging, and I couldn’t get up. Then I yelled out, ‘Please, Jesus!” The way she described it tonight made me laugh so hard! For now on, I’ll go with her to the bathroom. Lesson learned.

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