The Mommy Post

I am excited to say I am writing for my friend’s blog now; it’s called the Mommy Post! My friend’s name is Megan, and we have been bestest girlfriends since our college years at Campbellsville University. She now is the beautiful mother of 2 beautiful girls- twins actually!

My little column for her blog is all about nutrition, especially food, meals, menus, etc. I am excited! Even though I’m not “a cook” by any means, I really do love the area of nutrition (and dare I say, even dieting?) I’m weird. But I am always looking for new healthy whole foods, as well as learning how to use food for what it was intended for! That’s a little harder than it sounds.
This week’s blog was about making healthy eating affordable, if you’d like to check it out. I feel like a dork, because I’m sure it’s things everyone already knows, but I shared some rules of thumb that I live by anyway. 🙂

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