Yemi’s Morning-Through Her Eyes!

So, today I woke up in my crib and bounced around for awhile. Mommy could even hear me downstairs in her bedroom with earplugs in! It was great fun, and I knew she would come in my room soon. She came in and said, “Good morning!” and found me with my pillow on the other side of the crib (I get bored) and my diaper off (I get wet). I said, with a huge grin, for the night time was over at last, “Goo mornin’! How doing?”

So Mommy let me wear a pull-up even though she knows I have no intention whatsoever of using the potty today, and we set off to make breakfast. I said, “Dip”, which everyone knows means: “I want dry cereal on my tray and a little bowl of milk to dip it in.” That was fun. I asked for “my-mins”, which is my vitamins, but just like every other day of the week, Mommy said, “No, not until dinner.”
After breakfast, I stomped my little foot and said, “Elmo. Now.” And Mommy said a bunch of stuff that started with “young lady.” I tuned out the rest, then she asked Jesus to make my heart tender and repentant! She’s so silly. I went and got my purse and filled it with some things for the day, then put my coat on, and then I slipped on some pretty pink shoes that “Ra Ra” (some people choose to call her Selah) wore in a wedding one time. Then I said, “Okay, Momma! Let’s go! I’m going! Bye bye!”

(This picture I am adding is one of my favorite faces. Its kinda like I’m saying, “I’m a little naughty, but also a little pitiful, so I deserve mercy.”)
Mommy kept sweeping and doing dishes while I tried (I really did) to stay out of her dirt pile and the dishwasher. It’s really hard for me to remember…and at last, it was Elmo time! Mommy and I scooted down the steps on our bottoms, and then I ran to my rocking chair, yelling, “Elmo’s World!” very clearly, I might add.
It’s not even lunch yet, and I’ve already gotten in trouble for getting into the stuff on the table, closing the piano thingy on my hand, getting into the library book bag, and let’s see…what else? It doesn’t matter. Mommy’s giving me a big hug and kiss. It’s a good morning.

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  1. Miss Yemi, you are beautiful! And spirited!! That is something that will probably help you tremendously later in life as discerning and hanging on to Gospel truths becomes more difficult. Of course, those are things you aren’t the least bit concerned about now. I’m mean not much compares to Elmo! Sheesh!! lol! And you’ve got an equally beautiful & spirited/spiritual family to help you learn & grow. I loved getting a look at your very busy morning. I think I’d be ready for a nap right about now… 🙂

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