Lovely Thursday

Ah, this is indeed lovely. I recognize that I am one of the very few moms out there with this luxury: My mom comes every Thursday to watch my kids. Sometimes she even does a little (or a lot of) house cleaning. It’s a shot in the arm, in those months of sickness or in those days that I actually feel well enough to get out and have lunch with a friend. Oh, God bless my mother!

Today, I slept until 11:45. That would be 14 hours! For over a week now, I have been sleeping like a dream, oh my gosh, I cannot describe how miraculous it is to be sleeping without medication!!! I am off Ambien and Trazodone, and using a mixture of some natural things and it’s working better than the officially serious drugs. (For any insomniacs out there: 3 mg Melatonin, 100 mg Phosphatidylserine, 200 mg Magnesium). Anyway, so what feels so great -and I just have to revel in it because my health has made me really depressed the last month and now things are looking up- is that I am CHOOSING to spend the day in bed today until my mom leaves, instead of being forced to. I feel great! I’m just going to listen to teaching CDs, read (I may even indulge in a little fiction), and later spend some time exercising, cleaning, and cooking. Thursdays are also especially fun because it’s almost the weekend, where all bets are off as far as I’m concerned.
It’s days like this that I must remember are coming, for sanity’s sake. It’s also days like this that remind me that people want to know how they can help. As moms, we stink at asking for help or clearly stating to our families/husbands/whatever what thing they could do that would rock our worlds. If we told them and planned for it, we might just be happier, relaxed, and have more “me” days than we thought possible…and I won’t let anyone tell me that that’s a bad thing! One last thought: It’s days like this (where I feel well yet also have a chance to chill) that I can see clearly enough to know that eating junk food or candy IS NOT the sum total of fun and relaxation. I tend to think if I’m calling a total chill day that I must stock my bedside table with unhealthy foods and watch TV all day. But when i’m feeling well enough to use my little brain, I know that days like this can be a great time to perpetuate the wellness, not drive it to extinction!

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  1. So happy to hear about your great sleep and well days!!! That’s such a blessing and answer to prayer.

    Thanks for the reminder that chill days do not have to be filled with junk food and such. I still have my attachment to sugar but I’m working through it!!

    Love ya lots! Praying for more and more restful nights and well days to come your way!

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