Still Thinking About Songs

Well, so far today has not worked out how I planned…it is better!

We wanted to go to church; Yemi and I have strep throat, but are not contagious anymore, and we needed to get out of the house! But at about 11 a.m., she decided she needed an early nap, so I’ve had the luxurious privilege of about 2 hours with the Lord. I was listening to some teaching by Martha Kilpatrick (amazing!), and then I saw on my iTunes where I had recorded some “new” songs last fall.

I have laid it down, this singing thing. I don’t think about it often. But…when I am reminded that I am a singer-songwriter, when I reminded of these old and new songs, when I sing, something kind of wakes up on the inside. There are a whole 10 people waiting for me to make a new CD, and that is enough motivation for me! However, there are so many things holding me back. Let me explore that real quick…

I need a band. Quite honestly, my piano ballads with just my voice are a bit boring. Yet, that is what I write, and I need a producer and band to give energy and life to my lyrics and melodies. What I produce completely on my own just isn’t enough for an entire CD; I have more than enough songs, I just need some additional input from several others who “get” me. That is hard to find.

It’s been a hard year, and so many times I have thought I may never get to be behind the piano singing my own concert again. Throat problems, health problems, time problems. I actually, on a spiritual level, needed to get away from it; I needed to come to the place where I knew I couldn’t do anything for the Lord until I learned to do nothing for Him. But I think, just for fun, it is going to happen again. Maybe even soon! I’m dreaming of a little concert where I just am who I am. I’m not great on the guitar, that’s a fact; I’m not interesting on the piano, another fact! BUT I can just be who I am where I am…and trust God will use that.

If you happen to be a “fan”, pray for me. That’s all I need. I seek Him first and He can add whatever He wants. 🙂

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