Waiting for my Eggs to Boil

Literally, I am waiting for my eggs to boil. Yemi is in her highchair eating cinnamon toast (no sugar of course), and I thought I’d blog for a minute waiting for my eggs to become as hard boiled as possible. (I hate soft boiled eggs!)

So…I thought I’d briefly just share some random thoughts. Someday I will be cool enough to put a picture along with each thought, but today is not that day. Someone on Facebook said that Facebook is causing narcissism among young adults, so in honor of that, here’s a post with every sentence starting with “I”.
I – have a sore throat and plan to spend my day on the couch as much as possible.
I- am giving up on potty training Yemi for awhile. I’m just not sure she understands.
I- found out yesterday Yemi’s speech is perfectly normal, if not advanced, much to my surprise.
I- am reading Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ by 18th century writer Madame Jeanne Guyon and it is amazing.
I- have worn out my John Mark McMillan CD.
I- am going to church with my family 3x a week now, which is a really nice improvement over zero!
I- cannot lose a pound. Not even one. Counting carbs, eating crazy well, no sugar, exercise 5 days a week. Not a pound.
I- am happy it’s Friday and a 3 day weekend…more time with Selah and fun family days. No major plans, but it’ll just be good. I like the norm very much, but it’s just fun to get out of it sometimes.

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