(This is just a random pic of Selah and Yemi!)

I am so excited tonight! We have been sponsoring a child in Ethiopia through World Vision forever, and this month we found out he had aged out of the program. He is out of school and his family moved away. So, we were able to pick out a new child to sponsor and I had always thought it would be great for Selah to do the choosing when she got old enough to understand.

Last year, I was explaining child sponsorship to her, and after I finished she said, “Mom, you adults might call it sponsorship, but I call it sharing.” She was just four years old when she said that. Her words instantly brought tears to my eyes, because that’s exactly what it is. I’ll be honest in saying how much I wish we could and would sponsor more children, because even though our budget is tight and sometimes difficult to even buy groceries, we still have so much more. We have so many luxuries that we call necessities. I think about this a lot, and pray for a constant re-evaluation before the Lord in this matter. I trust Him to tell us what changes to make and how to “share” more, as He has in the past.

So, tonight Selah picked out a little girl named Eloisa, from Mexico. She shares Selah’s birthday, same year as well, so they are both five years old. She loves to play dolls, just like Selah. It is really neat to think that they will grow up together, just in different countries. We have learned some Spanish and want to learn a lot more, so I like that Selah picked a girl from Mexico. And it’s a plus that she’s not that far away, so there is great possibility that we could visit her someday! It is totally my dream that if we don’t live overseas, that we visit and develop relationships and share Jesus as often as possible with many different tribes and tongues. God will have to work that all out…I have a lot of dreams!

And one came true tonight!

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