On Track?

Every day is a new chance to get on track, and in sync, and aware, and awake. Especially after a weekend where all structure and diets fly out the window, Monday feels like an important day to make good choices. It seems like every day, even multiple times during the day, I have that chance to be engaged in the right things or not. I don’t know if it is normal for it to be so hard, but to me it IS hard!!!

I have prayed lately for God to be the fire inside of me, burning away desires that are not wise, and motivating me toward the thoughts and actions that are. So He is answering that prayer. I can take no credit, because I feel the constant struggle and am not strong enough to always do the right thing. It’s on my mind way too much. But He is answering that prayer because I feel His power at work. If the incarnate Christ lives in me, then I have the mind of Christ. If the Spirit lives in me, then I possess self-control and wisdom. I am a co-laborer with Him in living a wise life. I am not living in the dullness or confusion of not making my own decisions and letting life happen to me. I’m learning that this thing of “being on track” is not going to happen through rules or even a schedule, a diet or a structure. It’s going to happen because I’m asking for more of Him, and less of me, and He is good enough to be answering that prayer.
While I am more comfortable with rules than with trusting myself to live by the Spirit, oh what a true sentence that is, I know God wants me to stay on track WITH Him, certainly not just for Him…

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