I just have to vent about allergies! What a dumb topic, but still the topic on my mind. I have been feeling better, as I undergo this adrenal fatigue treatment: taking a “nap” everyday; a nice variety of supplements, vitamins, and medicines; eating often, strategically for energy, and low-sugar, and even no dairy as I learned I’m allergic to pasteurized milk; doing the right amount of exercise (too much messes everything up, too little is not good either); steering clear of stresses or anything that would wear me out (this part of the therapy I do not mind!); getting rid of cleaners and other stuff I use that have chemicals in them…The list could go on.

And I am thankful for all this info, so thankful actually, because I have had good days which is more than I can say for the past fall & winter. But then there are days again that just knock the breath out of me. Yesterday and today are two of those days! I need to be patient and chill, but instead all I can do is think about what I did differently to cause me to feel tired and out of it again. I think I exercised too hard Sunday and Monday, so that may have made me more tired Monday and Tuesday. But other than that, all it can come down to is allergies! Dang allergies!
I’m allergic to mosquito bites and it’s like I can feel them making me itchy and tired. I guess I’m allergic to the stuff I have to put in Yemi’s hair everyday, and I don’t know what to do about that. There are not a lot of choices there. I’m cleaning with vinegar, and only washing my hair once a week with Aveeno. I don’t even know what kind of soap to buy because I’m allergic to anything organic, and anything not organic has sulfates and chemicals that I may not respond to externally but am having a reaction to internally. As soon as I start to feel all “allergic” I go crazy cleaning my house because I think it’s my own fault for not having kept everything dust-free, but then I’m even more tired.
I need to live in a bubble!! I am tired of being a human science experiment, trying to figure out why I all of a sudden feel weak and exhausted…is it a food I ate or a chemical in the air I breathed? I have spent years trying to figure it out and it’s driving me crazy! And the worst part is, I know now that every time I struggle with my allergies, that is making my adrenals work harder, and when my adrenals work harder that means I am not going to be feeling well. I know this is a dumb thing to blog about, but for anyone reading, now you know the details! I just want to be well and stay well, without all this massive attention to it, and i’m okay with the fact that it’s going to take time…I’m just upset that I’m doing all I know to do but still can’t get away from ALLERGIES!

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  1. Oh Lyn!!! I get everything you’re saying. Right down to the part about being allergic to pasteurized milk! How it is possible that another person understands so completely the situation in which I find myself. Thank you for posting this!!!

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