I totally realize that I don’t write about anything deep on this blog…I guess I thought that I would when I started it, but I just don’t have a lot of time to “go there” these days, er, years…But anyway, I just wanted to blog about my little but wonderful day.

I feel so much peace today. There are still questions and concerns out there, but they don’t have the weight they did just a few days ago. Some important things have been resolved, but some haven’t, and it’s okay. So, some of this peace is circumstantial, but a good bit of it is not. In worship today, we just sat enveloped in the love of God, utterly aware of the truth that we are a delight to Him and that we were created to adore Him which is simply a response to His love for us first! With tears streaming down my face, all I could think was, “I want every day to begin like this. I can’t remember how to live or how to function correctly as a believer, Lord, I am hopeless! But I know if You come to me like You are right now, nothing will stand in the way of Your glory today in me.”
I am thankful for today- every bit of it. I’m thankful that I was with my family, that the sky was incredibly blue and the clouds incredibly fluffy. I’m thankful that we got to eat out, because that is a non-necessity that I still don’t take lightly. I’m thankful that my body is being healed, and that the dozen things that were going wrong are now beginning to go right; I’m thankful for the wisdom and insight that I am gleaning and will continue to gain by the hand of God. I’m thankful that even when I continually mess up, God is giving me the desire to make better decisions for true wholeness for my body and soul. I’m thankful my nephew and mother in law are doing well and out of the hospital! I’m thankful that I’m gaining peace as I gradually adjust to the idea of Selah starting kindergarten in a mere 2 months (okay, I admit very gradually, slowly and painfully adjust!!)
Life is hard, but God really is good. I am not at a point where I can say it’s a rest stop in the journey, not at all, but I am feeling like some of the steepest climbs are over for now. Maybe we can move on and think about some new things now…

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