Just What’s On My Mind

Forewarning: this is going to be random!

I am thinking about:
*worship, having great times of worship with family and friends, sometimes just me and Selah, or just me and God. I am overwhelmed by the exchange that happens when I stop and adore Him, and lay everything down before Him (again). He fills me up. It’s silly to think I don’t need to go back over and over.
*Yemi giving out more and more hugs and kisses and smiles and all-out chuckles every day. Still screaming, but these breaks are nice!
*my house looking kinda new! Spring has arrived here, I am telling you! Yellow paint where there used to be cranberry, new lighter floors, glossy white trim and doors, my african stuff brought upstairs to decorate with for the first time in a LONG time. Fixing up both inside and outside of my house has been a therapeutic blessing to me.
*speaking of therapeutic…I have been on treatment for adrenal fatigue for 2 months now, and this past week I have actually felt good. I also have had several tests to find out what is wrong with my throat/voice, and it is (drum roll) acid reflux. Not a friend. I’ve tweaked my “body for life diet lifestyle” to reduce carbs and sugar, at least most days of the week. (I can’t help but cheat every now and then!) I’ve rested when I needed to, I’ve learned what this illness is, and I’ve gotten a really good kick in the booty with some great information. It all makes sense. I feel like my healing from the Lord is simply in implementing this info. Why would He heal me just for ME to bring sickness back on myself? I am learning how to recover and not get back here again. (LORD-WILLING!)
*more thoughts on home schooling…lots more!
*a friend in Africa who sliced her toe and had to have stitches with no (sp?) anesthetic. Her life there…
*my life here.

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  1. Wow! We really are walking a similar path Lyn. I talked to a doctor in Missouri a while back and he felt strongly that I had adrenal fatigue which makes sense when I think of how many times I’ve gone into anaphylactic shock over the past few years… I’m going to spend most of my summer in Missouri and I’ll be closer to this particular dr. I’m excited to find out what’s working for you! This post is giving me so much hope!!

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