Ugh. Dieting! I am “tweaking” the “lifestyle eating plan” that I have been on for 1 1/2 years. I didn’t really want to tweak it, but the following reasons are making me:

#1 I haven’t lost a pound since last July, and I see some middle spread coming back.
#2 Finding out I have adrenal fatigue has led me to learn exactly what happens when I eat sugar. Yikes. It is not pretty for my insides, let alone my outsides. It honestly scared me, and led me to believe that if I don’t go low-carb and quit eating sugar so much, I will not get better. For the first week or so after this discovery–that my diet might have been making me sicker even though I’ve worked really hard to eat well–I was overwhelmed and even somewhat defeated. But now I’m digging in and trying my best.
#3 Several different people have told me lately that eating low-carb and very low sugar can lower your cholesterol (which I found out was a slight problem for me), stave off diabetes (duh, but I needed a wake up call), get rid of acid reflux (which my throat is telling me I have), plus of course to lose weight and have more energy. Sounds like it’s well worth a try.
So, I’m counting. Trying to have about 85 grams of carbs per day and about 15 grams of sugar per day. I do not count vegetables, because as I looked up the info on them the amount of carbs is just trivial…and seriously, when would I overeat veggies? Unfortunately never! I do have to count fruit though, because it is pretty loaded. I’m trying to have 5 veggie servings and only 2 fruit servings. The counting (and writing down every gram!) is tedious, and hard if I am not going to be home. But otherwise, I know that in a few weeks, I will just know what adds up to be enough for the day.
The hardest thing is just to not reach for that candy! For about 2 weeks, I haven’t had in the house but I had REALLY gotten used to it! Christmas goodies really bled into Easter candy for me, just about every night, chilling out with Jack, watching TV. Good times…good times. No more. Just kidding. One day a week I am not keeping count, and this free day will be FUN!

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  1. Sugar is a real problem for me too. I’ve gained so much weight since the need for predisone has increased 400 fold. There are days when I feel so defeated by it all.

    Sugar is my enemy. If my blood sugar is high I struggle to just get out of bed. I stay tired. Yet, sugar is what I love…

    Yesterday I looked around the internet and found several blogs written by real people losing weight. It’s been such an encouragement.

    I’ll be praying for you as you make these difficult changes.

    Love you!

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