I love…

women, girlfriends, sisters in the Lord

amazing works of art made by patient hands of many colors

cultures around the world, different languages, new traditions & ways of life

ministries that reach women in their most desperate times with the restoration of Jesus Christ

women feeling creative and successful and worthwhile and in touch with the Lord.

This is precisely what some ministries around the world are doing. They are not reaching the masses and the multitudes, but they are taking the time to show people, small groups at a time, that they are important to God. They are showing justice and compassion, and changing lives, as Jesus did as He walked the earth. There is something about small ministries that feel so very, very right. It’s like giving out worth to people who have been dehumanized, to stop and say, “I’m not passing you by. We are putting down the anchor right here, for you, and we aren’t leaving for a good while. You’re worth it. God says so. If we only help you, it was still worth our time and energy and resources.” I just feel such an agreement from the Spirit, in my spirit, with this type of thought…much different than how I would feel even 3 years ago. Very exciting.

Right now I am doing nothing more than selling quilts, hand made by women who are truly the least of these, in Cambodia. They are mostly HIV+ widows, many with children. New Hope for Cambodian Women is a small ministry helping these women by giving them a source of income, through quilt making. They receive their medicines, their kids receive schooling/preschool, healthy meals, and knowledge of the Lord (most importantly). Each quilt comes with a picture and description of the woman who crafted it, so that we can connect and pray for her. Children can be sponsored also through NHCC.

Their website is www.newhopeforcambodianchildren.com. Pictures of all the quilts I have right now are on my facebook profile. Just let me know if you’d like to look and don’t have a facebook account. I hope to partner with a couple other organizations that do this same thing, with a variety of arts and crafts, and am praying for other women to join me in connecting, supporting, and celebrating women across cultures for the Lord.

Here are few of my favorites!

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  1. All of these are so beautiful! I’m moving soon and I’ll need a blanket for me bed. Looks like I’ll have some beautiful to choose from when the time comes!

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