March Already?

So…time sure flies by when you spend every few weeks in bed sick! Gee whiz.

I’m excited because I’m going to a new doctor tomorrow; she’s all about wholeness and natural remedies, getting to the root of the issue, and not taking a prescription drug for every little problem (opposite of my past doctors!) I am sure hoping that the Lord uses her to put some puzzle pieces in and share some wisdom on anything I can learn or do to feel better more often.
I’m supposed to be writing about quiet times lately, and I haven’t done it! I can’t even remember what I wrote last time…But anyway, I think today I’ll just say a few things I do during or as my quiet time that are strengthening, connecting, and perhaps a little different.
-getting in a hot bubble bath and praying through a Voice of the Martyrs or World Vision magazine (these are so valuable for global intercession; keeps me from saying, “Lord, bless Africa” and nothing specific.)
-prayer walking (walking and praying! pretty easy!)
-turning on (prayer room) or a worship CD and singing/praying along
-listen to a podcast or message by Martha Kilpatrick, Shelley Hundley, other teachers from ihop
-prayer nap (I don’t go to sleep, but I just lay down and rest and let the Holy Spirit lead my prayers completely. He always takes me to places I wouldn’t have went if I had been sitting up, more in control of that time.)
-reading and then meditating and/or journaling. Some GREAT books are Adoration by Martha Kilpatrick, 100 Days in the Secret Place compiled by Gene Edwards, Streams in the Desert compiled by Mrs. Charles Spurgeon, and of course, most of all, the Bible! When I read a book, I usually journal through it or write notes along the side so that I make the most of the information personally.
Just some thoughts…God is definitely longing for us to draw near, or at least realize HE is drawing near! I long to be faithful to come to Him.

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