Ha! So this is a totally humbling experience!

Last week, I blogged about quiet times and I don’t think I’ve had a single one since then! There were a couple times I just made the choice to do something else, because I felt overwhelmed by that thing and had no other time to do it. Sometimes I made the choice to do something else because I wanted to have fun and not think. But most days of this week, I could not even tell you what I was doing! I have no idea whatsoever! I didn’t go anywhere until the weekend, but just being busy at home…wow…it chewed me up and spit me out!
I’m hoping for a good week with the Lord. I’m hoping for the ability to concentrate and breathe and be still with Him, in a good hour with Him every day, with good friends who love Him, and just throughout the day whatever I may be doing for my family. That would be an incredible week!

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