So, in my life for the past few years, there has been a calling toward stillness. I had been a busy bee before Selah came, in ministry, missions, friends, music…And lately, even though I have this relationship with the Lord that is my absolute source of wisdom and my deepest root of truth, I’ve let the confusion and opinion of man seep in. Eventually after dealing with it for a few months now, I’ve been reminded that it doesn’t matter what the common or popular teaching is right now…I am under the Lord’s authority and cannot let my simple calling in life be replaced by these opinions and these things people are saying we should put first. It’s like I keep hearing all about these outward things a Christian is supposed to do, but rarely about the inward things. My word from the Lord is that my inward secret place with Him must be thriving, and if I focus on that, any outward thing He wants for me to do will happen by His power and to His glory. I cannot put my focus on the external outward list of deeds I am doing for Him, the list of ways I am being used; God-forbid that I would ever be so focused on myself again! When I am focused on Him and our connection in the unseen, I can trust He is at work in me and through me, without trying to quantify it. There is freedom in putting first things first, and there is not room for more firsts! There is only One.

I am a simple person who can really only hold to one simple truth, and this is it!
“Now God has one eternal purpose concerning us, and that is that we should be like His Son and in order that this may be so, we must be passive. We hear so much about activity, may be we need to know what it is to be quiet.” (Feb. 5th, Streams in the Desert)

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