This week, our hearts have been heavy and our minds have been in turmoil over the earthquake in Haiti. It’s something I can’t watch on television, because I already have enough mental images in my mind to make me weep and pray as often as I have a moment to do so. I’m praying for the orphans with waiting families, that they would be united, and I’m so excited that in several U.S. cities, this has happened! I’m praying for orphans; that the Haitian government, and the U.S. government would make quick and wise decisions toward their well-being, possibly making the U.S. a place for fostering and adopting in a fewer-step, less-money process. I’m praying for the people who are homeless, lost from their families, mourning loved ones; I’m praying for the people who are seeing so much death, such as in Rwanda’s holocaust, that they will need to be taught once again that we are all precious human beings, created in the image of God, made for better than this. I’m praying for God to rise and show compassion, for miracles, for His hands and feet on mission there, and most of all, for His Presence to be there.


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  1. Thank you for praying! My sister’s mother in law is still in Port au Prince. She is currently living in her yard, but is thankfully a Christian and I am sure the good Lord is comforting her. Please pray that she will be able to easily get food, as she has been too weak to endure the mobs to get some. Her son occasionally brings her food, but we know it’s not enough. They are working on getting her back here, hopefully soon. My brother in laws brother will not be able to come with her b/c he does not have a VISA so… he will be left behind. Thank you for always having such a compassionate heart!

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