This may or may not make sense, but for me, this tragedy in Haiti has made me think and pray more about abortion. These are certainly not new thoughts, but the abortion issue is about so much more than the 2 sides debating between it being a woman’s choice to decide what happens to her body and feeling that taking away life in the womb is indeed murder. I’ve just been struck lately with what happens when a person, or a group, or a country decrees something to be good or at the least acceptable, though this something takes away a life.


When we do this, and I say “we” because “we” are citizens of a country who is doing this exact thing, we think we have solved a problem by helping out desperate women who aren’t ready to be mothers (but were ready to have sex, except in rare situations). We think we are helping them and empowering them, but really we’re giving them a right they were never supposed to have: the right to end a life. Taking on this right has serious consequences before the Lord; just believing you have this right in the first place, whether you act on it or not, is devastating to the soul. It puts us in a position we were never supposed to be in, where we actually consider that ending a heartbeat is a viable choice for US to make. How terrifying to know that humans are in this position, in many countries. We’ve tried to take one of God’s jobs (the giving and taking of life) into our own feeble hands, and instead of lifting us up to a divine position, it has lowered us to the position of savages.
When I think of the deceased citizens of Haiti being thrown into dumpsters by huge bulldozers, because they don’t know any other way to clear out the wreckage and death, I think of how precious each of those people were to their family, friends, and God. I think of how horrible we would feel in America if that earthquake had happened here, and it was our family members’ bodies being thrown in a mass grave–no time for a funeral, no gravestone to mark their place in history. And then I think of the mass grave we have thrown our children in since abortion became legal in this country. How carelessly we have decided who gets to live and who doesn’t. What we say is alright, we do. And what we do is what we become. When I think of this, it is hard to breathe the air and walk the ground of this country. I don’t want to have any part of it. I don’t want to experience our freedoms if it means I partake in a society not just where this audacity occasionally happens, but where it is legally acceptable. I don’t ask the Lord for mercy for us. I do ask for Him to show us any way possible that those of us against this can take a stand. I want to die standing for the right thing; I want to be on the right side when it’s all over. Shutting up about it in order to not offend anyone is not taking a side at all; may we be prayerful and courageous.

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