This Week

There are so many things I’d like to blog about. Like ten different subjects! But I am just going to talk about my week. And I am going to try to keep my blogs to 3 paragraphs. Can I do it? Is it possible?

A friend of mine and I were talking at the beginning of the week, and to make a long story short, I just feel this great longing to be known by the people closest to me. In my mind, there is this community that exists of loved ones from the school years through college through churches through missions through now…and I don’t feel very connected to them! My life is at home for this season. A lot of my community happens online. I want to be known and I really and truly want to know what is going on in the actual heart and soul of my loved ones. Wonder if blogs can help accomplish this? Or an old-fashioned phone call would work, too. It helps to just know what it is I’m trying to achieve by putting up pictures online, doing facebook, writing blogs, or even putting songs up on youtube. I want to give to others what I’d love to receive from them: a little taste of heart and mind.
Anyway, I’m on my third paragraph now so I’ll make it quick! This week has been pretty good; after the total train wreck that Christmas was for me, I slapped myself into the schedule that I knew would get us closer to sanity. I am extremely tired and if I didn’t have kids, I would be in bed all day, so that is a bummer. But I feel a sustaining from the Lord as I follow through with this schedule and do the basics He has laid on my heart for me and my family. I have been soaking in more of His Word, thoroughly enjoying home school with Selah, feeding my family nutritiously, playing and getting lots of hugs and kisses from Yemi, and getting in bed early each night. I am extremely blessed.

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  1. I’m sorry you are still feeling so worn out! I know exactly what you mean about being on a schedule for yourself! Don’t feel guilty and enjoy this time with your girls!
    One day at a time and lean on God’s strength. I can’t tell you how much I know what you are talking about!
    Praying for you! I keep thinking we need to get together and hang out, but I always think I’ll be feeling better next week! haha. I am feeling so much better but like you, now it’s all about management and pacing myself.

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