Remember that holiday when Selah woke Jack up early on Christmas morning, and instead of saying, “Daddy, let’s get up and open presents!”, she says, “Daddy, daddy, wake up! I have a booger the size of an acorn in my nose! But thankfully, I have big –what are these called?–oh a nostril—Thankfully I have a big nostril and the ability to get it out.”

Remember that Christmas when Selah tackled Granmere in her exuberant joy and thankfulness for her presents? Ah, the memory of 50 faces in utter terror and silence; but my (80 year old with knee problems) Granmere didn’t officially fall down…she was just a little in shock. Thankfully she likes kids with a little spunk.

Remember that year when Yemi threw a fit throughout the beautiful reading of Luke Chapter 2 on Christmas Eve? Somehow 75 of my family members, along with their babies of all ages, are quiet and calm for these few precious moments…but not mine. This is always my daughters’ moment to either get in the middle of the room and dance (making everyone laugh instead of be reverent) OR embarrass me with their outrageous super sonic loudness. An aunt on one side says, “It’s okay, let her play”; an aunt on the other side gives me the evil eye. What to do, what to do?

Remember watching The Muppets sing the “12 Days of Christmas” with Jimmy Fallon, and Sesame Street’s manger scene clip, and laughing our heads off together at Bert’s hay fever and baby Natasha crawling? Remember watching Santa Clause 2 & 3 about 2 or 3 times more than we would have liked? Every day?

Well, this was not yester year my friends. It was this past week.

And to end on a personal note, I also remember eating too much sugar cookie dough and getting that icky feeling but not learning my lesson. I remember eating peanut butter balls in bed. Okay, that’s a lie. I literally do not remember it, thanks to ambien, but I am told by a reliable source that it happened. I remember losing it completely during one of Yemi’s tantrums because I was missing bedtime. Her’s, mine, and both of ours, and everybody elses in the world; bedtimes were missed.

But I also remember Christmas morning sleepy eyes and flannel pj’s and reclaiming bits of papers from a certain toddler’s mouth and seeing a 4 year old Princess receive a few more things to charge her imagination…and possibly her vanity. Oops. I remember a joy and relief deep down, knowing that all four of us were home for Christmas for the first time. It is easy to give thanks…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. More to come about Marriage Step 4 next. 🙂

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