How We Fell in L.O.V.E

I’ll backtrack a little, before the whole “first church, scary dog” phase. Jack and I met when we were in college; the first week he was on campus as a freshman to be exact. He was really the cutest thing, and he knew it. He had on this striped rainbow colored shirt, bell bottom jeans, and a train engineer’s hat. He was loud and funny, and already had lots of girls giggling and wanting to hang out on Stapp Lawn with him. I wasn’t impressed because I was a sophomore and my thoughts were: “Um, hello, we have studying to do, and you’re a goof-off.” But slowly my thoughts, as they always do, went to: “Um, actually, let’s goof off!” So, we did. We had a blast, but I knew after our first “date” he was too silly for me. He would have been bored with me, honestly.

So, for the next three years of my college career, Jack and I were very close friends. We saw each other through relationships, both good and bad. Jack was always the guy I could count on. He would take me to Wal-mart (I didn’t have a car), cheer me up when I was lonely, and help explain stuff from math class to me. We were truly brother and sister. There are so many funny stories, but all so very incriminating!
Fast forward through my Senior Year, onto the summer after. Jack was a youth minister at a church near my parent’s house, and he asked me to start the youth praise band at his church. So all summer, my great friend Jack insisted on picking me up for church. We had a ton of fun with his youth and the other workers; then I spent several months in China that fall while Jack went back to college. The only person I really wanted to call when I had the chance was Jack. Suspicious, right? At different times for over 6 months, Jack and I both recognized that we had feelings for each other, but we didn’t say much. (I felt so mature, not just blabbing my feelings instantly like I had done with others in the past!)
But then the day of blabbing came. At Joanna’s apartment in Campbellsville, a bunch of best friends were together because I was leaving for Africa in 2 weeks. Lots of my guy & girl friends were there, people I still love so much and had such good times with. I knew, sitting there with all these friends, that things would be changing. We might not even all be in the same room ever again. I wondered how I would live without those people in my daily life. College had really spoiled me; I had the best friends in the world to do everything with and that next stage of life maybe wasn’t going to be able to include them. But looking across that room, I saw Jack, and I felt so strongly that he was the one person I couldn’t bear to not come with me into the future. So, I got up off the couch, walked across the room, and squeezed myself right next to him. We talked all night. I still went to Africa, but we got engaged 6 months later when I was home recovering from surgery. I went back to Africa, but health problems sent me home after just 5 more months…then 8 weeks later, on New Years Day 2001, we were married!

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