Top Ten Things I Learned in Nashville

Some new song writing friends and I got together in Nashville this past weekend, and I wanted to share some thoughts about what I learned in a Top Ten List:

#10 Every girl should keep having slumber parties. Rah Rah, sisters!
#9 Co-writing is awesome! I never knew!
#8 I have been extremely blessed to have such generous, humble, and talented friends to work with here in Elizabethtown.
#7 I CAN drive in Nashville & GPS’s are so very fun. Even if they don’t “moo”, which is preferable.
#6 Pancake Pantry is worth the line. Even though we got to skip.
#5 I want to keep making CDs; just probably not there…
#4 To enjoy being independent. I won’t question again if I’m supposed to be a staff writer or go after a record deal. I know enough to know now that these are not congruent with my…everything.
#3 Personal goals need to be set, and kept in front of my face. I can’t please everybody, but I can know if I’ve been true to my calling.
#2 When on a fun weekend with friends, always say YES!
#1 Saying “yes” leads to things like singing at Ginny Owen’s concert! Video still to come!

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