Super Weekend!

This weekend was so much fun! First, my mom took Yemi home with her on Friday, and while I missed her, it was really great to be able to leave the doors open, Selah’s toys out on the floor, and have a little more peace and quiet than usual. (My children are extremely loud anyway, but when they are together, it is just insane.) Then, Friday night, I got to sing again! My church, the Bridge Community, has some amazing musicians. They did a concert and I got to be involved this year. It was the first time I have ever attempted to sing without my lyric sheets, and it truly was a brave attempt. Not a success, but an attempt. I wish I had video of how my brain froze in the middle of a verse, because it would have been a good laugh later. Anyway, it was with good friends, and I had a blast being able to be so comfortable!

Then on Saturday, I sang all afternoon at a Christmas Marketplace at a church in TN. This was so fun, because I got to see precious friends from college, and got to sing through my entire Christmas repertoire almost twice. (I sang off and on for 5 hours!) Okay, now the surprise enters the story: Ginny Owens came to see me sing! She has become a friend over the past 6 months, after being in her online song writing class early this past summer. I couldn’t believe she came, and it was really fun to get to sing to her. She has been one of my favorite singers and songwriters for YEARS; she is just amazing. Then, after my singing, another friend and I got to go with her to one of her events. I admire her so much for her life and perseverance and ministry, and now I admire her for the kind of person I have found out that she is!

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  1. That’s awesome Lyndsay! I’m so happy you are feeling better and were able to do things that you love this weekend. How exciting about Ginny Owens, I love her music too. Glad you have gotten to know her and hang out with her, you deserve it! Happy you had such an encouraging weekend. 🙂

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