His Love is Mightier than our Lack

I’ve been thinking a lot this week, spurred on by time in the Word and some others books…and it’s nothing brilliant, nothing creative, but just truth! I just feel so thankful and at peace because of how much God loves us, and so frustrated with how many times I have made things complicated and confusing with Him. He is just overflowing with grace and love and intimate favor for us. He hears our needs; He is with us. He is more patient with us than any human ever has been. Walking with Him is not boring or guilt-provoking or a mountainous climb to finally get at a “good place” with Him…or at least it doesn’t have to be. He simply loves us and wants us to acknowledge the goodness of His presence…and His power alone changes and benefits us, not our efforts. I’m just thinking, how about if we make this whole thing about Him and who He wants to be to us, instead of us and what screw ups we must look like to Him (which we don’t, we just think that!)?

Today I posted on Facebook, as my status, something like, “I wonder when we started to freak out about our relationship with God, when He is just trying to love us?” Life is complicated and hard, but He is to be a Refuge, not another difficulty! He is a Fortress, not another warrior out to break us down.
We will not be overcomers now or in the end because we got lucky breaks from God and He allowed us to have great success in our finances and health and relationships. We will be overcomers because we knew the world would always have trouble and we decided to abide safely in Him in the midst of it. His love is mighty enough to let us just do that one thing: Abide.

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