So Long!

Well, I am officially a terrible blogger. Too much to do!

We had an incredible summer, and though I am still hanging on to it, I have to admit the fall weather has been fun already. Getting on a jacket, making some chili, pumpkin patch day coming up…
I would post new pictures, I have some great ones!!!! But my iPhoto and a few other muy importante programs on my computer are on the fritz or the blink or whatever you call it when you can’t use them.
Life is definitely different with two kids! Jack and I both have very full, long days between our home life and work. I don’t sit down. I have to work hard to stay organized in order to make it all fit together without one of us screaming. And yet, there is always at least one of us screaming anyway! Whenever things start to get complicated, we really try to sit back and simplify because time just goes too fast. We aren’t involved in thing right now actually, because we genuinely are doing our best in our home and work and there isn’t much time or energy left…especially since the girls are in bed around 8 p.m. now!
I’m praying and thinking a bit more about music these days…I’ve been really encouraged lately in my singing and song writing, and I want to wait on God’s timing (and also the timing of reality, because how I could I do more than I am doing?), but I feel like I am preparing to get back in the swing of performing again. I love that form of communication and feel blessed to have had it in the past. Maybe it will come back up again.
One idea I have is to do a little Holiday Tour this November and December. I have worked up about an hour of Christmas songs, a little over half on guitar and the rest on piano. They are a mixture of Mindy Smith, Sara Groves, Sarah McLachlan, my own (I just wrote a new Christmas song last week, too!), and traditionals. So…maybe in the next week or so I can start to see if there’s any interest in me coming out and playing at anyone’s holiday events, coffeehouses, parties, dinners, etc…I think it would just be fun. 🙂
Happy Fall to you friends!

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