Cry Babies

Wow. What a day! Does anyone else ever feel like their kids and babies are yelling at them all day? Yemi and Selah took turns harassing me today since I woke up. I’m joking, but good grief, it is always something! Everyone is fine, it’s just “Harass Mommy Day” here… You know, the “I didn’t want my apple sauce in this blue bowl” and “whah, whah, whah” but with real tears for no reason (that I can figure out anyway). A new tactic I’m trying (since my natural reaction would be to say things I should not) is to be quiet and make crazy faces. So far, I’ve humored myself, and that’s really all I was going for.

And somebody just brought me pizza.
The day looks up.

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  1. Oh yes. I have those days too. Although instead it is our one year old puppy and 11 week old baby who team up on me :). I’ll have to try and make crazy faces next time!

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