A Good Day…and Girl Names

We had a great day today! I worked out in the yard with Yemi in the front carrier–she loved it, and it was wonderful to be outside, getting things looking nice for the summer ahead of us. Yemi is doing better; we’re figuring out a few things, like that she wants her bottle first, and then maybe half an hour later will eat her other foods.  She’s been happy so much of the time, but when she is tired or hungry (and I’m trying to keep a schedule so I know what is going on, but still she surprises me) she is really, really unhappy all of a sudden! She has a lot to get used to, and we are taking it slow. I learned with Selah that it is ALL about expectations. If I expect to have to stay calm and be patient as I let their emotions ride out, or if I expect from the start I may not get to do something I planned that day, things just work out a lot better! (And I don’t get as aggravated.) So thankful that we have such a wonderful life that we can be laid back and adjust to whatever happens. For now anyway!

Okay, so, I’ve been thinking today: We know that Selah and Yemi are IT for us 🙂 but I still have all these girl names that I LOVE. So, what else is a blog for but to share? Here we go:
…just to name a few…

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